Monday, 17 November 2014

Lucy's week 4 Minecraft Blog

My group the farm finished our barn with our last details  of the windows.  We decided we had to make a storage room for chests and hay bails. Florence Lottie and I made this by the side of the barn while Thomas made the slaughter machine. When we finished we made paddock fences for people who were adopting animals and spawned horses mostly horses but pigs and chickens.

My goal was to get feed back and act on it, I completed this goal by making sure I listened to all the feed back given even if I did not agree with it. Lottie gave me and Florence feed back when we built the storage on top that it should be beside the barn to look more real.

Next week my group and I hope to  plant fruit and vegetables for the city and get all the paddocks in, and complete all the little touch ups.  By then hopefully it will look like a real life farm!

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