Monday, 1 December 2014

week 5 minecraft blog

This week I didn't get as much  as I wanted to do, but our group built a really cool green house and made some more paddocks and stables.My goal this week was to think about what I was building before i built it and think creativly and ask others, I think I achevied this goal by asking and sorting out how the stables were going to look with Florence without just doing what I thought.

This week I am going to try finish building more paddocks and grow lots of fruit to put on donkeys and send to the city.I also want to get a really cool video in and make sure to explain things and not to miss anything out.I think my group are really thinking about the real live and what a real farm would look like ,we did this by using the materails that look like farm materails.I hope the city is looking well and that we will be finished in the end because we only have 2 weeks left I think the farm will finish

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  1. Excellent. I love the way you have reflected on your goal and given an example of how you achieved it.